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Hello Friend,

We're excited to share several upcoming opportunities for playtesting Diatoms and our other games.

Digital Playtests

The first is we have a brand new Discord server! Discord is a social media platform where you can create private communities for conversation and sharing. For the past few weeks, we've been using Discord as a space to run additional Diatoms playtests via digital board game programs like Tabletop Simulator. I'd like to invite you to join the Ludoliminal server, especially if you're interested in digital playtesting.

Play in Person this Weekend!

If you'd like the chance to play with us in person and you're local to the Pittsburgh, PA area, we'll be at Game Masters PGH this weekend, demoing Diatoms and Earthquake Eggscape. Game Masters is hosting their "Day of the Developers", featuring 10 Pittsburgh-based game creators and over 18 games. If you're in the area, come check out Ludoliminal, play some great games, and support local game makers.

Diatoms is puzzle-y tile-placement and pattern-making game based on the obscure Victorian art form of creating microscopic mosaics from single-cell algae. (ages 8+) Coming to Kickstarter in the fall!

Earthquake Eggscape is a cooperative pickup-and-deliver game where you are a family of dinos rescuing your eggs on a shifting board (ages 5+ co-play kids & adults)

Day of the Developers
hosted by Game Masters PGH

398 Perry Hwy, Pittsburgh, PA 15229

Saturday May 20th, 2023


$5 cover

Summer Playtesting Sessions

This summer we're planning several more playtests for our games, including Diatoms, Unicorn Clinic, Creature Rescue (and maaaaaybe some others ;) Look for details and signups in our next newsletter, coming in June! And if you signed up for our spring playtests but didn't get to play, we'll reach back out to you for the summer session.
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