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If you're new around here, welcome! We've had a lot of new faces join our newsletter list as we gear up for the Diatoms Kickstarter.
  • Mark your calendars - the Kickstarter launch date for Diatoms is September 26th!
  • Diatoms now has a solo variant we're calling "Commissions" - we'll be sharing more about it as the Kickstarter approaches...
  • We've also brought in a fantastic artist to really make the box and a few other pieces sing! I'm excited to introduce them later this month!
  • In June we went to Origins game convention for the first time and this week we're at GenCon (one of the largest board game conventions in the United States). If you happen to be attending, stop by Booth #336 (Indie Game Alliance) - we'll be there Thursday from 10-1 & 3-6, and Friday 1-5. Look for my fancy Diatoms hat. (And slip me the passphrase "Jewels of the Sea" to receive a Diatoms pin.)
  • We'll also be at Pax Unplugged in Philadelphia in early December.
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"Games to Play"
A photo of the board game Green Team Wins
Green Team Wins - One of our favorite games we picked up while at the Origins game fair in June. Green Team Wins is a brilliantly simple trivia-esque game- players take turns reading question cards like Fill-in-the-blank, "Family _____" , or choose This or That 1) Always speak in rhyme, or 2) Sing everything you say. All players write down their answer in secret. Then everyone reveals their answer. Whichever answer is chosen by the most players becomes the "right" answer and everyone who chose it joins the green team (because "green team wins!") and scores points. Your goal is to join the green team and stay on it, because being on the green team for more than one round in a row means you earn double points. It's super easy to play, loads of fun, and plays great with kids 8+. We've already played it at multiple family gathers and even had a group of 6-10 year-olds play on their own. I'll put this game right next to our previously recommended Just One as a must-have family party game.
The title screen imagery for Sticky Business
Sticky Business- Run your very own online sticker shop in this cozy, creative game. We co-played this demo earlier this year and the full game recently released. It's mostly about designing your own charming stickers and a little about navigating a very simple business simulation game. There's a lot of creative freedom in the kinds of stickers you can make, with all sorts of cute and charming pieces that can be combined in a game's simple sticker editor. Sticky Business is available on Steam or as a pc/mac download on
"From our bookmarks"
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