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Earthquake Eggscape is a prototype game we designed in the summer of 2021 for the HABA Game Design Contest. It’s a cooperative game designed for players as young as 4 to play alongside older players.  Although this game is still in a prototype phase, we’ve put together a free print & play version to make available for anyone to try out. It does involve a bit of paper-crafting, so grab those scissors and tape. You’ll also need 2 regular 6-sided dice. 

We hope you enjoy playing this game. Be sure to join our mailing list to hear about updates to the print and play, any future plans to publish a full version of this game, and our other games as well!

Free Print & Play!

The original Earthquake Eggscape prototype has chunky wooden pieces for the eggs and dinosaurs, allowing the dinos to carry the rescued eggs on their backs. For the Print & Play version, we’ve designed a specially folded paper dino pawn with a back pocket to carry eggs. We hope you enjoy both crafting and playing this award-winning family co-op game together! 

Original Prototype
Print & PlayPrototype

How to Assemble

First print the pdf out in color (we don’t have a black and white version right now-  let us know if you’re interested.) If you have heavier paper, you can use that but standard printer paper is fine too. 

The Dino Pawns, Eggs, and Dice parts require a little special assembly. Check out the visual instructions below to see how to put them together. 

Dino Pawns - Step 1
Start with the four Dino Pawns cut apart like this
Dino Pawns - Step 2
Fold in half along double red lines
Dino Pawns - Step 3
Cut off the black exterior lines (cutting through both layers of paper)
Dino Pawns - Step 4
Pre-crease the pawn at the top and bottom by folding over along the light grey lines.
Dino Pawns - Step 5
Turn the whole piece inside out so that the printed sides face one another and the blank sides are on the outside.
Dino Pawns - Step 6
At the top end of the piece, fold small pieces of tape around the edge (stay above the crease you made in the previous step.)
Dino Pawns - Step 7
Now flip the paper open so that the print is on the outside again. Now you should have a small "pocket" at the top of the dino.
Dino Pawns - Step 8
Fold a piece of tape over the open bottom edge of the pawn.
Dino Pawns - Step 9
Gently push apart the bottom two sides of the pawn, while pushing the bottom edges up into the center to create the base of the pawn.
Dice - Step 1
Cut out the dice wrappers and have a standard 6-sided die at hand.
Dice - Step 2
Pre-fold along the solid black lines of the die wrapper
Dice - Step 3
Place the die inside the wrapper. Make sure the blank side of the wrapper is facing inward.
Die - Step 4
Tape the short grey tabs on the die, pulling the paper tight around the die.
Dice - Step 5
Take the final side of the die, completely covering the die. Add additional tape as needed to get each side to lay flat without gaps on the edge.
Eggs - Step 1
Cut all of the eggs apart along the dotted lines. Each egg will be double sided.
Eggs- Step 2
Take one egg and fold it in half along the double red line.
Eggs - Step 3
Fold a piece of tape over the open end of the folded egg to secure the two sides of the egg together.
Eggs - Step 4
Cut the excess white edge off the sides of the egg to form the egg shape.
Completed Pieces

Watch the assembly of one of the prototype test prints

How to Play

Have a phone?

Don't read the rulebook. Point your phone camera at this qr code or click the code to open up the Earthquake Eggscape Let's Just Play to start playing immediately and learn the rules along the way!

Did you give it a try? Share your thoughts...

Feel free to share anything else you'd like to in this box, like... How many players did you have and what were their ages? How easy was the print & play to cut out and assemble? Were the instructions clear? How much do you love dinosaurs? Have you ever been in an earthquake?...

Thanks for Playing!

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