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Playtest with Us

Seeking families to test out in-progress games

Current Playtest Opportunity for Families with kid(s) ages 5-7

We are seeking eight families with kid(s) ages 5-7* to playtest our latest tabletop card game that takes roughly 15 minutes to play once. Participants will be asked to play twice and provide the group’s feedback from their playtest. The entire playtest process, including sharing your feedback, should take under 2 hours.  This is a co-operative game designed for kids and adults to play together, 2-4 players.(*older and younger siblings also welcome!​)

Game premise: Where do unicorns go when they are sick or hurt? To the Unicorn Clinic of course! Work together to treat as many unicorns as you can before closing time.

  • May 11th: Families are notified via email and will confirm commitment within 24 hours.
  • May 15th: Participants will receive the game and playtest kit by mail, confirm receipt of package.
  • May 23rd: Adult playtester will provide group’s feedback to Ludoliminal via email by midnight.

Please make sure you can commit to completing the playtest between May 15th and May 23rd before volunteering to join this playtest.

What is playtesting?

Playtesting is trying out a game that is in development, a prototype. You help make the game better by playing it in an unfinished state and sharing your feedback. Games go through many rounds of playtesting before they are ready for release.

Why should I sign up for a Ludoliminal playtest?

Your family will have the opportunity to be a part of our design process. Playtesting is integral to creating a game. Using your feedback we iterate or update then create an improved version of the game. We think of playing games as quality family time spent together and craft our playtesting experience to support that.

How do I find out about a playtest?

We put out our playtest invitation a shortly before each playtest event through our newsletter and social media. The invitation is open for 3 days or until the playtest is full. We typically accept 4-10 families per playtest.

Upcoming Playtests

May 2021

Unicorn Clinic

This playtest will accept 8 families.

Where do unicorns go when they are sick or hurt? To the Unicorn Clinic of course! Work together to treat as many unicorns as you can before closing time.

Summer 2021

Details to Come

This playtest will accept 4 families.

A family game that supports math skills and identity in young players. 

Prior Playtests

December 2020

Rainbow Mountain

November 2020

Unicorn Clinic

How does playtesting work?

Step 1: Playtest Invitation

When we have a game ready for playtesting, we announce the playtest through our newsletter and social media channels. The invitation will include some information about the game like target ages, number of players, any required supplies, etc., as well as the dates of the playtest.

Step 2: Apply to Participate

If your family is interested in playtesting the game, you apply via the invitation. We can only accept a limited number of families for each playtest because we learn so much from each family that participates.

Step 3: Receive Playtest Kit

We ship you a playtest kit! It will include an prototype copy of the game, instructions, and a few extra treats to thank you for your time.

Step 4: Pick A Time and Play

Typically you'll have a window of 1 week to play the game together. We recommend you plan a 2-hour block for the playtest- that includes learning to play, playing the game twice, and completing the feedback step.

Step 5: Send Your Feedback!

This is the most important step! We will give you a survey to fill out and may ask you to take some photos to share with us. Your feedback will help us make the next version of the game.

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