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Unicorn Clinic

Become a unicorn doctor and treat all your clinic's patients before closing time! A cooperative game for littles and bigs to play side-by-side. Release TBA.

Earthquake Eggscape

Rescue your stego-family's eggs from the quaking valley floor before they are lost forever! A cooperative game for littles and bigs to play together. Release TBA (looking for a publishing partner)

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Yarrr Har Hunt

Yarrr! It’s time to find some treasure!

Yarrr Har Hunt is a cooperative family game designed especially for big kids and grownups to play with younger players. You are a band of pirates working together to follow the clues and find the buried treasures.

Published by Peaceable Kingdom.

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The Transformational Framework

Ludoliminal founder Sabrina Culyba has worked in games for over a decade and much of that work has focused on the potential for games to be more than just entertainment. She wrote a book based on her experience working with teams on these kinds of projects and is delighted to offer it as a resource for other designers. If you are a game developer, student, or change-maker looking to leverage games to create transformational experiences, The Transformational Framework was written to offer you tools and tips to guide your design process! Available as a beautiful color paperback, low-cost black & white print, or as a free downloadable PDF.