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about us

Ludoliminal is a teeny game studio based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Original game development

We design original games in-house. Our current focus is on family board games. Our family co-op board game Yarrr Har Hunt was published by Peaceable Kingdom in 2020. Our first published-in-house game, Diatoms, is available for late-pledge until April 30th and will ship in fall 2024!

Transformational Game Design

Ludoliminal founder Sabrina Culyba has worked for over a decade on transformational video games designed for educational or social impact. She developed and released The Transformational Framework, a process tool for helping teams working on these kinds of projects.

Sabrina is available for consultation, digital or analog, for transformational game projects. If you have a project in mind, please reach out.

Game Jam & Workshop Facilitation

Game design is a powerful tool for individuals and organizations looking to jumpstart innovative thinking and creative approaches. Game Jams are short, intense game-making events that invite participants to create a game prototype. Workshops are hands-on opportunities to collaborate and learn together. Sabrina offers consultation and facilitation for game jams focused on creating transformational games that leverage game design for real-world impact. She also runs workshops on the Transformational Framework. Reach out to start a conversation.


Ludoliminal Founder & Principal

Sabrina Culyba is the creative force behind Ludoliminal.  In her 15-year career as a game designer and manager of multi-disciplinary teams, she has worked on video games, theme park rides, VR experiences, and board games.  Recognized as a tenacious problem solver, she relishes opportunities to work in interesting design spaces that break or blur boundaries.

Sabrina believes games are a transformative medium for humans of any age to better understand themselves, each other, and the world. As a parent, she has seen first-hand how the habit of play strengthens family relationships and supports the development of thoughtful, happy, and resilient children. She loves designing games for family co-play, usually in collaboration with her partner David Culyba, with editorial input from their kids.

Sabrina is the author of The Transformational Framework, a guide for game developers to create games for education or social change. She has presented on games and transformational design at a number of conferences, including the Games for Change FestivalSerious PlayMeaningful Play, and Dataviz+Cancer. She regularly facilitates game-making events, including the Games for Change XR Brain Jam. She serves on the Global Game Jam Executive Committee and Board where she manages a global team of regional organizers for the world’s largest yearly game-making event. She has taught several game design courses and workshops for kids, university students, and adults. 

Some of Sabrina’s favorite games are Pandemic LegacyGris, Ocean CrisisBeat Saber, Genshin Impact, and Azul.


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