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Hi, it’s Sabrina from Ludoliminal.

Welcome, Playtesters!

Before you start, here are some important things to know. The game you are about to play is not finished. Some parts might feel like a finished game, some parts might seem a little rough. That’s because we’re still working on it.

Just like movies or books, games take a lot of time to make and need the help of a lot of different people. That’s where you come in! As you play the game, think about what you like about it, what is confusing, and what you would change. After you play, you’ll answer some questions to tell us about your experience. We will use your answers to help us make the game better. We’ll do this many times before we share a game with the public.

One more thing- please don’t worry about getting something “wrong” – we’re not testing you or your family, we are testing the game! If you get stuck with a game rule, interpret it in the way that makes the most sense to you, and then let us know what you did in your feedback.

I’m really happy you’re playtesting with us and I hope you have fun playing this unfinished game together. I can’t wait to read your feedback and use it to make the next version of this game.

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